OBGY6600: Specialised Module - Genetic Counselling

Master of Medical Sciences (MMedSci)

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, LKS Faculty of Medicine

Information Session [pdf]

Pamphlet of OBGY6600 [pdf]

Programme Overview

Students can enroll for either (a) a part-time mode of study consisting of four semesters over two calendar years, or (b) for a 1-year full-time programme


Online application (Full-/Part-time) (Click here to apply)


* International students are advised to take the length of time required for visa application into consideration.

Please contact the Module Coordinator or send in your enquiry.


Those who do not wish to pursue the MMedSc degree may just take the individual Specialised Module

(Occasional Students Application Form).


These FIVE modules account for Module value of 6 (120 hours):

1. Understanding Risk Calculation and Principle of Genetic Counselling (Module value=1, 20 hrs)

2. Communication in Genetic Counselling (Module value=1, 20 hrs)

3. Clinical Application of Genetic, Cytogenetic & Biochemical Analyses in Genetic Diagnosis and Screening

    (Module value=1, 20 hrs)

4. Genetics in Medicine (Module value=2, 40 hrs)

5. Public Health Genomics (Module value=1, 20 hrs)



Student will be assessed through in-course assessment (e.g. assignment ad/or class performance, individual and group work, practical assessment on counselling skill, report on clinical attachment) and final examination (Paper and/or OSCE stations) (100%)


Dissertation will be separately assessed (100%)