Subferility Treatment



Psychosoical Support

Centre of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology
The University of Hong Kong - Queen Mary Hospital (HKU-QMH CARE)

Psychosocial Support

Many patients will experience a wide range of psychosocial distress during the treatment phase, such as anxiety, stress, anger, depression, guilt, frustration, sense of loss and so on. Significant positive effects are found on those who had received the psychosocial services. 

Patients with psychological problems may be referred to the medical social worker at the Centre on Behavioral Health, HKU or the clinical psychologist for further counselling. Counseling is offered independent of the clinical decision-making process and information obtained during counseling would be kept confidential.

About the Counseling Service

Psychosocial assessment, counseling and support service are being offered to subfertile couples who are seeking different types of assisted reproduction technologies.

(A) Psychosocial Assessment* is indicated in:

  1. Oocyte donors
  2. Couples who require donated gametes for treatment
  3. Couples who receive donated embryos
  4. Couples who are under great stress before, during and after reproductive technologies and related treatment

(B) Counseling

  1. Implications counseling
    This aims to enable the person concerned to understand the implications of the proposed course of action for themselves, for their family, and for any children born as a result.
  2. Support counseling
    This aims to give emotional support at times of particular stress, e.g. when there is a failure to achieve a pregnancy
  3. Therapeutic counseling
    This aims to help people to cope with the consequences of infertility and treatment, and to help them to resolve the problems which these may course.
  4. Integrative Body-mind-spirit Intervention Program
    The program is specifically designed for women who are undergoing their IVF cycle. It aims at alleviating their anxiety arising from treatment and enhancing their well being through a series of mind-body self-help techniques.


Download: Tips on reduction of psychological stress