OBGY6600: Specialised Module - Genetic Counselling

Master of Medical Sciences (MMedSci)

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine


This specialised field of study will focus on common and important genetic conditions in Hong Kong. Students will learn how to make appropriate and accurate genetic risk assessment and to conduct genetic counselling with evidence-based information and effective communication skills.



This course is designed to provide participants from clinical and laboratory background with a foundation in the growing field of genetic counselling.  It helps participants to determine when to suspect hereditary/genetic conditions and recognize the more common inherited conditions in different clinical settings. It provides the theoretical foundation for the practice of genetic counselling and the role of genetic services in the health care delivery system.  The focus will be on the development of clinical skills to conduct interviews, to present relevant genetic information to individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds in an informed, compassionate manner and to obtain medical and social services they need.