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Dr. David W. CHAN (陳衛博士)

Assistant Professor
BSc; MPhil (HK); PhD (Monash)
  • location
    Rm 748, Laboratory Block, LKS Faculty of Medicine, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam
  • telephone
    (852) 3917 9367
  • facsimile
    (852) 2816 1947
  • HKU Scholars Hub
Research Interests

My main research interests include functional characterization of tumor suppressors and oncogenes in both genetic and epigenetic fields and delineation of the related cellular signaling pathways associated with cancer cell biology. I have particularly focused in cancer cell metabolism and interactions between cancer cells and tumor microenvironment in tumorigenesis, chemoresistance and metastasis of ovarian cancers. These studies give a better insight into the molecular mechanisms of tumor development and tumor progression of ovarian cancers. Our laboratory has established omental conditioned media (OCM) which in addition to the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other omics platforms to delineate the underlying mechanisms and to identify targets in association with clinical obstacles of ovarian cancers. These studies will provide a scientific basis for developing novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions for improving treatment outcome of ovarian cancer patients.



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Research Grants
  • University-Industry Collaboration Programme, the Innovation and Technology Commission, (Hong Kong) 2019-2021, Using Genome-wide DNA Methylome Profiling to Analyze Cisplatin-resistance in Human Ovarian Cancers. (HK$3,725,364)
    Principal Investigator: Dr David W. Chan
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality – Basic Research Programme (Mainland China) 2018-2020, The significance of lipid metabolism in peritoneal metastases of ovarian cancer BCL2A1 (CNY 500,000) (~HK$581,700 based on 1 CNY = 1.1634 HKD)
    Principal Investigator: Dr. David W. Chan
  • Health and Medical Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2016-2018,Functional characterization of the MAP30 protein from bitter melon (Momordica charantia) in combating ovarian cancer oncogenesis and chemoresistance (13142271) (HK$ 1,197,160)
    Principal Investigator: Dr. David W. Chan
  • General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2015-2018, The functional role of Hsa-miR-141 in metastatic development of ovarian cancer cells” (17115115) (HK$ 1,344,714)
    Principal Investigator: Dr David W. Chan
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (Mainland China) 2015-2018, The mechanism and significance of ovarian cancer cells in modulating of AMPK an TAK1/NF-kB signaling cascade in omental metastasis. General Program (81472721) (CNY 750,000) (~HK$872,550 based on 1CY = 1.1634 HKD)
    Principal Investigator: Dr David W. Chan
  • General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2013-2016, Functional significance of TAK1-mediated NFB signaling in omental metastasis of ovarian cancer. (HKU 761213M) (HK$1,039,239)
    Principal Investigator: Dr David W. Chan
  • General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2011-2014, The functional impact of AMP-activated protein kinase gamma-2 (AMPK-2) subunit expression on AMPK activity and oncogenesis in ovarian cancer. (HKU 760511M) (HK$ 1,020,000)
    Principal Investigator: Dr David W. Chan
  • Hong Kong Cancer Fund 2018-2020. Affordable Multi-gene Mutation-Drug Matching for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients in Hong Kong (HKD 1,000,000)
  • General Research Fund (Hong Kong) 2014-2017, Elucidating the nuclear function of EPS8/EPS8L2: Crosstalk with FOXM1 and regulation of cancer cell proliferation and migration/invasion (17125214) (HKD 904,952)
    Co-Investigator: Dr. David W. Chan
  • Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases (Hong Kong) 2006-2008, Characterization of the roles of hepatitis B virus X protein in liver cancer. (05050022) (HK$ 800,000)
    Co-Investigator: Dr. David W. Chan
  • Study on the pathogenesis of SARS coronavirus by establishing transgenic mouse lines expressing SARS-CoV viral proteins 2003-2004. (HK$ 50,000)
Editorial Board Membership
  • 2014-present PLOS ONE: Editorial Board member
  • 2015-present Frontiers of Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Drugs: Editorial Board member
  • 2016-present Journal of Ovarian Research: Associate Editor
  • 2016-present Cancer Medicine: Editorial Board Member
Postgraduate supervision

a) Current students

  • Mr Huogang Wang (MPhil)
  • Miss Long Runying (PhD)
  • Miss Mo Yulan (PhD)
  • Miss Wang Xueyu (PhD)
  • Miss Xuen Yang, Olivia (PhD)
  • Miss Zhan Shijie (PhD)

b) Graduated students

  • Dr Cai Chun Hui, Patty (PhD)
  • Dr Chen Kangmei, Carmen (PhD)
  • Dr Chen Run, Rain (PhD)
  • Dr Leung Li Leanne (PhD)
  • Dr. Li Cuilan (PhD)
  • Dr Liang Rui (PhD)
  • Dr Liu Xin, Michelle (PhD)
  • Dr Mak Sze Ling, Celia (PhD)
  • Dr Wang Yajun (PhD)
  • Dr Yung Ming Ho, Mingo (PhD)
  • Miss Fung Cho Wai (MPhil)
  • Mr Fung Khe Cheong, Frederic (MPhil)
  • Miss Hui Wing Yee, Winnie (MPhil)
  • Miss Kwan Hoi Tung, Virginia (MPhil)
  • Miss Li Yuk Wan, Winnie (MPhil)
  • Miss Liu Jing (MPhil)
  • Miss Lok Tsz Mei, Gabriel (MPhil)
  • Miss Tang Wai Man, Hermit (MPhil)
  • Miss To Man Yan (MPhil)
  • Miss Yu Yee Man, Sandy (MPhil)