Welcoming Message

Prof. Hextan YS NganSurgery plays an important role in the treatment of gynaecological cancers.  Over the last few decades, there is a significant shift in the paradigm of the surgical standard.  On one hand, laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery is getting more and more common in managing uterine and cervical cancer, as well as selected patients with ovarian cancer.  On the other hand, there is robust evidence on the survival benefit associated with radical cytoreductive surgery in advanced ovarian cancer.  However, because of the discrepancy in the case volume between different gynaecological cancer centers, as well as the change of disease patterns, for example the decrease in the incidence of cervical cancer and the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ovarian cancer, the surgical experience and standard differs across the world.  Hence, there is a need to standardize the surgical care among different centers and ensure the surgical proficiency of every gynaecological oncologist.

There are not too many surgical workshops in gynaecological oncology in the Asia-Pacific region.  We organize this course aiming to fill in the gap in surgical training for the gynaecological oncology fellows and young gynaecological oncologists, and provide them with a platform so that they can develop their skills and knowledge further in future.  This workshop encompasses lectures and video-sharing by the Faculty, case sharing by the participants, and 2-day hands-on practice on laparoscopic and open procedures, respectively.  It is our honor to be able to invite four renowned and experienced gynaecological oncologists to facilitate this workshop.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

Professor Hextan YS Ngan
Head of Department